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island job, The couple who got a job on the island and gets a salary of Rs 88 lakh per annum.

island job

island job, The couple who got a job on the island gets a salary of Rs 88 lakh per annum, This issue has already gained the attention of everyone on social media. Thus, everyone is waiting to become that lucky couple. For some, this job offer is a surprise. The last couple in the world is applying for this job.

Tell me who doesn’t want to go to the island …? That richness of nature, the joy of going among the water, delights everyone. Once you get the chance to work on such a beautiful island …? It will bring joy to everyone. Now such a chance has come to the lucky couple. Not only that, you get a huge salary with the opportunity to work on the island …! The selected couple will get a salary of Rs 88 lakh per annum.

Such a stunning job offer was offered by a wealthy family in the Bahamas. The family is looking for an honest couple to take care of her private island. Those selected will get a salary of about US $ 120,000 per annum which is about 88 lakh rupees in India. As such, this family is not the sole responsibility for the maintenance of the island’s home. Instead, in addition to the Bahamas, the couple has to work in Florida and other family homes in this affluent family. This work is shared on the website Polo & Tweed.

He has to work from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Sometimes the couple has to work on weekends and at night. The family said the selected applicant will be provided with health care facilities and a car for work. In addition, he has also stated that housing will be provided in every place where he can perform his duties for the chosen family.

These wealthy people also want to choose an experienced family who have managed such a job in the past. The selection process has been underway for a long time, as the family has become a member of their team. According to a major press, there are applications from all over the world for this job.

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