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international yoga day tips, Yoga Day, There are yoga that everyone should do.

international yoga day

international yoga day tips, Yoga Day, There are yoga that everyone should do, Yoga should be a part of our lives. In particular, some yoga should be done only in the morning.

The effect of yoga can change a lot in our health and physical well-being. There is no need for any tools to do this like exercise.

Practicing yoga, even if it is a bit difficult at first, gives you a lot of benefits after practice and puts you in a position to get someone else interested in yoga.

Meditation, divine chanting, and yoga are all the same and less common forms of health reform. There is no such time as yoga.

However, most people prefer to exercise in the morning. There is also a lot of convenience. Every day, no matter the pressure, the ease of handling it comes to everyone. In this article, we will discuss what are the benefits and benefits of using a white pumpkin?

Morning yoga

The main purpose of this yoga practice is to reduce stress and provide energy to the body. This will give you the opportunity to stretch your arms and shoulders. It also strengthens the body’s organs.

How to Do morning yoga?
  • First, try to stand with your two knees and hands on the floor.
  • Your knees and your two hands should touch the floor.
  • Now slowly try to keep your two legs straight. Slowly lift your hips and try to stand on your thumb.
  • Press the floor with both your hands, keeping your spine straight.
  • This time you will see a triangle to look at.
  • Now lower your hips and come back to normal.


Bhojangasana is another yogasana that facilitates physical well-being. It is also known as Cobra Pose. Doing this yoga poses the entire body from head to toe.

How to Do Bhujangasana?
  • First, lie down on the floor. This means that your stomach should come to the floor and lie down.
  • At this point, your hands and shoulders should be in the same line. It’s best if your palms are as close to your chest as possible. Your two palms should touch the ground.
  • Slowly lift your head and hips, leaving your entire body weight on your two palms.
  • Slowly press the part of your hips, your thighs, and feet towards the floor.
  • In this case, breathe normally and stay for ten seconds.
  • Slowly lower your forehead to the floor and come back to normal.


It can be said to be a yoga practice that calms your mind. Turn your mind away from stress and make you feel fresh in just a few minutes and make your mind feel fresh.

How to Do Balasana?
  • First, sit on your knees on the floor
  • Now place your chest on your knees and let your forehead stay on the floor
  • Breathe in and sometimes distract your mental thinking.

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