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How to Reduce Stomach Fat Yoga, Belly Fat Reduction Yoga Poses.

How to Reduce Stomach Fat Yoga, Belly Fat Reduction Yoga Poses, Yoga Asanas are very beneficial for health and body which is fat burning.

Abdominal fat is not only present in men but also in women today. Eating, lifestyle, and not exercising can be the major reasons for developing obesity.

With so little time left in the modern world to spend on mobile, it doesn’t take long to focus on body and health. In this article, we will talk about some of the Yoga Asanas that reduce belly fat. If you practice it regularly, you will definitely be obese.

What causes obesity accumulation in the stomach?

Poor diet, lack of exercise and stress cause fat loss in the stomach. Inheritance may be the reason for this.

Being hereditary is more likely to be diabetic or obese. All this can be done away with a healthy lifestyle. But due to unhealthy diet, irregular sleep and sedentary lifestyle, obesity develops.

Not only is it unhealthy, it can also cause body damage. This extra weight can make you very sluggish and lethargic. Abdominal obesity is associated with diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

It can be reduced if nutrient intake and proper physical activity are adopted. Yoga can be very helpful in reducing abdominal obesity. Learn how it is.


There are several Yoga Asanas in Yoga, one of which is the Kapalbhati. In Sanskrit, Kapal means skull and Bhati means Kanti. Kapalbhati Pranayama is said to be a technique to rejuvenate the skull.

How to Do kapalbhati Correctly? Kapalbhati Technique.
  • Sit comfortably on the floor.
  • Keep the spine straight and close the eyes. Keep the palms up at the knee.
  • Usually do this very rhythmically if you breathe in and exhale.
  • The air can be forced out using the stomach.
  • Breathing should be done properly when the stomach is pulled.

Kapalbhati Benefits.

  • It stimulates and strengthens the digestive system, abdominal muscles.
  • It strengthens the nasal passage and removes the blockage in the chest.
  • This is to facilitate blood flow.
  • Rejuvenating the skin and making the face shine.
  • Increasing the power of remembrance.
  • Mental clarity and stress, making depression go away.
  • Removing excess fat in the body.


how to do Naukasana? Naukasana Technique.
  • Lie on your back
  • Lift the upper and lower part of the body and bring balance in the bones.
  • The fingers of the foot should be equal to the eye.
  • Keep the knee and back straight.
  • Let the hands be parallel to the floor.
  • Tighten abdominal muscles.
  • Keep the back straight.
  • Usually breathe
Naukasana Benefits.
  • It is about strengthening the muscles of the hips, abdomen and leg
  • It is to improve digestion function
  • Strengthens the wrists and helps with weight loss
  • Eliminating the gastrointestinal problem
  • Fatigue is to do away with
  • Building the abdominal muscles
  • It is to stimulate the nervous and hormonal systems
  • Usually take a breath and exhale, as if lifting the body off the ground.


How to do Vasisthasana? Vasisthasana Technique.
  • To be in Santolasana.
  • Let the left palm be on the floor and lift the right hand off the floor.
  • Turn the whole body to the right side and lift the right leg off the floor and place it on the left leg.
  • Lift up the right hand and let the fingers look at you.
  • Let the knees, ankles, and hind legs support each other.
  • Let both hands and shoulders be straight.
  • Turn your head and look at the right hand.
  • Thus it must be some time.
  • Do the same for the left side.
Vasisthasana Benefits
  • Most of the time, if you hold this seat, it will help the hands and body
  • Melt fat around the waist
  • It is about maintaining balance in the body
  • Increasing concentration
  • Strengthening the elbows and shoulders
  • Breathing Vidha
  • You breathe as you lift the body from the floor. Breathe normally and hold the body like that.


How to Do Santolasana? Santolasana Technique.
  • Lying on the stomach
  • Place the palms directly on the floor and lift up the body.
  • Raise the fingers of the foot to the floor and lift the body and let the knees be straight.
  • Let the knee, pelvic and lower back be equal.
  • Make sure the elbow is under the shoulder.
  • There should be some time in this pose.
Santolasana Benefits
  • It is about strengthening the thighs, hands and shoulders
  • Strengthening the spinal cord and abdominal muscles
  • Giving strength to entire muscles
  • In the nervous system it is a balance boost
  • Promoting the Manipura Chakra
  • Strengthens and positives the whole body
  • Balancing and calming the body
  • If you lift your body from the floor, breathe in the same posture, you will breathe normally

Along with these Yoga Asanas, refined sugar-rich foods and beverages should be avoided. If you have a desire to eat, eat fruits.

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